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Easy Learn School

Do you feel intimidated by computers? Do you often find yourself frustrated when attempting to do seemingly simple tasks in Windows or any other operating system? Maybe on the tablet or mobile? Do you have a parent that struggles with learning how to use a PC? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. EasyLearn course will guide you step by step on the basis of using a PC or a TABLET, from explanations of the terminology to the simple use of your computer to accomplish what you wanted to do with it when you first purchased it. This course can be the key to get you comfortable with your PC. The course includes all the materials you might need, in case you don’t have a laptop because you are a PC user, we have a few to let you for usage. The EasyLearn method which we have developed offers you a friendly and comfortable class atmosphere so you could not only learn how to use your PC or Tablet but also allow you to enjoy the main process. Apply for it now and get a call back to get more information about it.


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